The Mixteca Region of Puebla and Oaxaca

By Brian Kemble
Tuesday, June 18, 7:00 pm

Mexico is home to an incredible variety of cacti and succulents, and the Mixteca region of southern Mexico is no exception. This rugged region of mountains and canyons is mainly in the northwestern part of the state of Oaxaca, but extends also into southern Puebla. The cacti here range from tall columnars to pint-size mammillarias. The succulents include various species of agaves, yuccas, fouquierias and Crassulaceae such as echeverias. The terrain can make it challenging to get from point A to point B, but there are many winding mountain roads to explore, venturing up into cool pine forests or down into hot valleys and canyons. For this presentation, Brian has combined photos from two trips to this area.

Brian is the vice-president of the San Francisco Succulent and Cactus Society and is a long-serving member of the society’s board. He is the curator at the Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek, where he has worked for decades. Among his favorite plant groups are Echeveria and Agave, and these genera are featured prominently in his talk.

Brian will also be this month’s featured grower.

What to bring:

For this month’s Show & Tell table, we will feature we will feature Fouquieria plus Beaucarnea on the succulent side and Ferocactus on the cactus side, and anything else looking good to share.

Please bring baked goodies, fruit, snack food or a beverage if your last name begins with the letters N to R, and any other members who would like to contribute this month.

Meeting Location:

Auditorium in the San Francisco County Fair Building, 1199 9th Ave (at Lincoln Way), San Francisco — MAP