Madagascar: The land of the big trees

With Guillermo Rivera
Tuesday, October 19, 2021 – 7:00 pm Pacific Time

NOTE: This month’s meeting will be broadcast LIVE from the County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. Feel free to attend in person if you are in the area, or watch on Zoom or Facebook Live.



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Program Description

Join Guillermo Rivera on a recent journey to the western and southern part of Madagascar. The island is rich in endemism (plants and animals that are only found in this place). Lemurs and chameleons are almost exclusively found in Madagascar. Among the plants we will encounter, the genus Adansonia (the baobab trees) is perhaps the most famous, but there are plenty of representatives of other genera, such as Aloe, Euphorbia, Didierea, Alluaudia, and Pachypodium.

Guillermo was born in Argentina. He is the owner of the tour company Plant Expeditions, and for the last 17 years, has led trips throughout South America, Mexico, Southern Africa, and Madagascar. These tours have an emphasis on plants: bromeliads, orchids, cacti, and other succulents.

Upcoming tours planned for 2021: Argentina (November). For 2022, we have Ecuador (January), Socotra (March), Baja California (April), Namibia (May), Central Brazil (July), South Africa (August), Madagascar (October), and Chile-Argentina (November).

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Bring any Madagascar plants for show-and-tell.

Featured Grower: Brian Kemble

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