SFSCS Constitution Changes 2021

Changing the constitution requires 2 successive votes by the membership at regular monthly meetings. A first vote in October 2021 will accept the motion, and a second vote in November will finalize the change.

An amendment of the Constitution or By-laws shall require a two-thirds vote of the membership present. At the next succeeding meeting after such motion for change has been made and after proper notification of all membership, a vote will be taken on the change or amendment.

The new text introduced at the October 19 2021 meeting can be found here with changes clearly noted (with the exception that the date of last revision near the signatures at the end would be the date of the November 2021 meeting.

Only members in good standing physically present can vote in the meeting, however you do not need to be physlically present to run for an office.

Our intention is to ratify the change at the beginning of the November board meeting so we can elect people to the new director positions at the same meeting in the normal annual election.