Whirlwind Mexico: Looking for Agaves in a Pandemic

With Kelly Griffin
Tuesday, November 16, 2021 – 7:00 pm Pacific Time

Kelly Griffin and succulent plants in Mexico

NOTE: Members and visitors can attend in person in San Francisco, or watch on Zoom. See important Covid requirements and location info at right.

Program Description

Kelly Griffin’s presentation will take us with him on several short trips he made to different parts of Mexico over the last two years. His goal? Finding agave in habitat, wherever they occur, from mountains to islands and everywhere in between. With Mexico’s richness of succulent plants, it is not surprising that he encountered a wide assortment of botanical wonders, including cacti, fouquierias and echeverias.

Kelly has been a frequent presenter for the SFSCS over the years. He is also a long-time board member of the San Diego Succulent & Cactus Society – with stints as both President and Vice-President – and works as the Succulent Plant Development Manager at Altman’s Plants.

Of course Kelly is best known for his hybrids and is responsible for over 100 cultivars now in the trade, including Aloes, Agaves and Echeverias. You may have heard his name attached to the Aloe hybrids he has been working on for over 30 years such as ‘Pink Blush’, ‘Delta Lights’, ‘Christmas Sleigh’ and ‘Coral Fire’. His Agave hybrids are notable too, including such widely grown plants as ‘Blue Glow’, ‘Snow Glow’, ‘Cubic’, ‘Black and Blue’, ‘Dragon Toes’, ‘Spawn’, and ‘Crème Brûlée’.

The show-and-tell table this month will feature Agave and Mammillaria. Attendees are encouraged to bring these, or anything in bloom, for discussion at the start of the meeting.

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Meeting Agenda

7:00 Mingling and announcements
7:30 Formal presentation starts promptly with Society business
7:35 Show and Tell Table – with Brian Kemble
7:50 Leg stretch
7:55 Featured presentation

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