The Chilean Altiplano

With Stefan Burger
Tuesday, July 20, 2021 – 7:00 pm Pacific Time


NOTE: This month’s presentation will be held online. Zoom login information below. Our in-person meeting are suspended until this fall.

This month, Stefan Burger takes us on an intrepid journey to one of the Andes mountain range’s unique cactus habitats – The Altiplano. This “High Pain” is the world’s second largest area of high mountain plateau after Tibet. The Altiplano spans parts of Bolivia, Peru and Argentina, but a small – and arguably more intriguing – section is in Chile, where the breathtaking geology is home to a diverse cacti, including Oreocereus, Browningia, Neowerdermannia, Haageocereus, Corryocactus.

Stefan is an Australian naturalist with a primary focus on cactus ecology and conservation. His interest in cacti and succulents began at a young age and motivated him to visit exotic habitats in Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Madagascar, the United States and Chile, where he is currently based. He now facilitates eco-tourism in South America and is researching Chilean cacti, with a focus on the genera Copiapoa and Eriosyce. Stefan lives in the city of Antofagasta with his family and three year old son Nicholas. He has given several online lectures for the CSSA and BCSS.

Stefan can be found on Instagram @cactusexplorer_ where he regularly posts about conservation, and at, where you can find details about his tours.

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