MesembsVirtually – Andrew Young’s “Personal A-Z of Mesembs Pt.1” & “Gibbaeum” w/ Catherine Arthur

Sunday, April 11, 2021 – 11:30 am Pacific Time, 7:30 pm UK Time

Left: Gibbaeum, photo by C. Arthur. Right Andrew Young taking a picture in habitat.

SPECIAL SUNDAY EVENT – MesembsVirtually is a quarterly Zoom lecture series sponsored by the Mesemb Study Group, Manchester BCSS and the San Francisco Succulent & Cactus Society.

A Personal A-Z of Mesembs Part 1” – Andrew Young 

This first instalment (in a short series of two or three talks) is very much a personal take on Mesembs. It will cover a wide range of genera (not just conos!), looking at plants in their natural habitat and in cultivation, as well as highlighting some noteworthy people and places in the Mesemb world.

Andy Young is an Emeritus Professor of Applied Plant Sciences at the Liverpool John Moores University. He has a particular interest in dwarf succulents and has travelled extensively in southwestern Africa in recent years to view these plants in habitat. He has most recently published a two part travelogue ‘Conothon 9’ in the Mesemb Study Group Bulletin, and co-authored a truly remarkable catalog of Lithops seeds viewed through an electron microscope in Bradleya 38. Attendees can expect this particular talk to approach the family with a somewhat wider lens.

“Gibbaeum in Nature and Culture” –  Catherine Arthur

One of the most charming of all mesemb genera, Gibbaeum can be tricky yet rewarding to grow. This talk aims to introduce the genus and the natural conditions under which they grow in the wild, showing how some basic field knowledge can provide information useful for the cultivation of these attractive plants.

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