Rosulate Violas in Patagonia

With Marcela Ferreyra
Tuesday, March 12, 2024 – 7:00 pm Pacific Time (California)


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Program Description

Rosulate violas are extremely attractive members of the genus Viola, the group commonly known as violets. With their neat rosettes of overlapping leaves, they more resemble members of the Crassulaceae than they do more familiar plants in the genus, including pansies. Many of them are succulent or semi-succulent. There are more than 100 species along the Andes from Peru to southern Argentina and Chile.

In the south of Argentina and Chile, in the geographical region known as Patagonia, there are 27 described species, with new ones still being found after years of explorations.

This lecture will explain the probable evolutionary path of this particular group and introduce the species that inhabit Patagonia. Numerous photographs taken in its natural environment over more than 20 years of exploration will be shown.

Marcela Ferreyra is a biologist, teacher and botanical tour guide. Her area of expertise is the flora of Patagonia and environmental education. Though now retired from formal education, she was a professor of vascular plant systematics at the National University of Río Negro in Bariloche, Argentina. She has also held other teaching positions, including classes on the flora of Patagonia for mountain guide training courses. For almost 20 years, she has worked as a botanical guide for visitors to Patagonia, and she is the author of several field guides on the flora of the area.

Show & tell table: Sedum on the succulent side, and Gymnocalycium on the cactus side, plus anything else looking good or in bloom.

Featured grower: PB&J Cacti & Succulents (Peter and Jaan)

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Meeting Agenda

7:00 Mingling and announcements
7:30 Formal presentation starts promptly with Society business
7:35 Show and Tell Table
7:50 Leg stretch
7:55 Featured presentation

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