Under the Spell of Succulents

By Jeff Moore
Tuesday, January 17, 2017, 7:00 pm

Jeff Moore has owned and operated a small retail nursery called Solana Succulents for 24 years. It is located in the coastal town of Solana Beach, about 20 miles north of San Diego. Over the years, he has designed numerous exhibits at flower and garden shows, and he is well known for his “undersea” succulent gardens, including the much-admired one at the San Diego Botanic Garden. The idea is to select plants that bring to mind corals, sea urchins, starfish, etc. so that one has the feeling of looking at a scene from a coral reef.

Jeff has written two books on succulents: the first, titled Under the Spell of Succulents, is about the hobby as a whole; the second focuses specifically on aloes and agaves, and is titled Aloes and Agaves in Cultivation.

The talk will follow the flow of the first book, with chapters on how we engage with succulents – growers, collectors, landscaping, container gardening/bonsai, specialties such as crests, variegates, etc. The chapter interludes are about the principal genera: aloes, aeoniums, agaves, crassulas, cacti, etc. In keeping with the theme of the second book, Jeff will especially highlight the aloes and agaves, two of his favorite groups.

Jeff will also be this month’s featured grower.

What to bring:

For the Show & Tell table, we will feature Adromischus & Cotyledon on the succulent side and Stenocactus (Echinofossulocactus) on the cactus side, and anything else looking good that you would like to share.

Please bring baked goodies, fruit, snack food or a beverage if your last name begins with the letters S to Z and A to B, and any other members who would like to contribute.

Location: Auditorium in the San Francisco County Fair Building, 1199 9th Ave (at Lincoln Way), San Francisco MAP