Show and Sale – Get Involved


If you have attended our Show & Sale in the past, and you aren’t already a member, what are you waiting for?  We invite you to stop by the membership/info table this year and join the Society. 2019 memberships (good through December) will be on sale discounted to $10.  While you are there, get some expert advice, pick up a special edition of our Newsletter, and plan to come to the June 18th 2019 meeting, which will be a special program to welcome new members.

Beyond that, there are several ways you can get involved in this year’s event.

Get the Word Out

If you are on Facebook:  RSVP on the Facebook event and then click “Share” and invite your succulent-loving friends.

We have flyers! Pick them up at the May meeting, give them to friends, and put them up any place that will let you.

Volunteer to Staff the Event

Whether you are completely new to the area, or have been a member for decades, you can volunteer at the sale. Positions range from super-easy (door monitor) to fast-paced and hectic (cashier assistant). You will have a great time mingling with other succulent enthusiasts while you help, and we will give you “Show Bucks” which can be redeemed for sale plants (or membership dues in the Society for the rest of the year if you are not already a member).

To sign up for a spot:

  1. First, check the volunteer information and assignment descriptions, so you know what you are getting into.
  2. Then, check the schedule to see what is available.
  3. Email Jon Schwark your desired shifts and your mobile phone #, with the word “VOLUNTEER” in the subject header. The email address is on the schedule linked above. We will do our best to accommodate, and send you a confirmation.

Show Your Plants

Collectors with well-staged, well cultivated plants can enter them into the show. Our show is traditionally focused on educating and impressing the public more than on formal competition, but we do have awards. Society Jury Awards are given for outstanding specimens (on any table), and People’s Choice Awards for Best Plants (by category, on any table) and Best Display (for individual and vendor display tables).

There are two ways to show your plants:

In the Group Display: If you just have a few plants to show, you can enter them in the Society Display, where they will be sorted into theme groups.  For 2019 these groups are:

  • Greater Mexico through South America
  • Southern Africa and Madagascar
  • Everywhere Else

The People’s Choice ballots give each attendee the chance to vote for 2 plants per group, so bring your best 6 plants to have your best chances to win.

Your own display table: If you have enough plants to fill at least 1/2 of a table, you can sign up for your own “display section”. You can have your own theme, riff on the show theme, or just show off your best plants. Your individual or company name will be on your display section ID card, and you are allowed include one stack of promo materials (example: business cards or post cards) for the public to take. To reserve a display area spot please contact John Otter/Jon Schwark.

Plants in your individual displays are still eligible for the People’s Choice – Best Plant awards in each category. Your plant entry cards will be color coded on arrival. Your display area is also eligible for the Best Display awards.

Vendors are required to enter one plant per sale table into the show, but we encourage you to create your own display in order to to promote your brand and direct customers to your sales tables.

All plants in the show this year will need an entry card. We will have them available at the May meeting, or on the day of the show. Please include the country or region your plants are from on the card.



NOTE: Vendor spots are by invitation only and are closed for 2019. They are generally reserved for small succulent growers and nurseries from Northern California who are members of the Society and have been a featured grower at one of our regular meetings. If you would like to get on the vendor list for 2020, contact Brian Kemble, Daryl Du Charme, or Terri Larson.